Our Mission:


We help individuals, partners, and families to heal from the effects of pornography and sexual addiction.


Recovery from Compulsive Sexual Behavior IS Possible.


Through an innovative and proven three phase treatment program, our intensive outpatient group therapy approach gives participants the resources, support, and structure needed to experience a successful recovery from the damaging effects of pornography and sexual addiction. 

There is life after addiction. There is life after trauma. Many have experienced  healing through LifeSTAR of the Central Valley.


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Our Programs

The LifeStar program is designed to provide addicts and their families with the tools and support to find hope, healing, and lasting recovery from sexual addiction and compulsive behaviors. Through individual and group therapy, addicts learn how to reclaim their lives, reestablish trust, and restore hope in their future. Successful and long-lasting recovery is more than temporarily stopping the behavior.  Effective therapy addresses the underlying issues in creating a permanent, long lasting recovery.



LifeSTAR of the Central Valley is an outpatient treatment program designed to assist adult individuals, and their partners, in healing from the effects of pornography and sexual addiction. We offer separate groups for male and female addicts, as well as support groups for partners.


A LifeSTAR program designed specifically for teens with pornography or sexual addictions. If you have discovered that your teenager has been exposed to pornography or is making habitual unhealthy sexual choices, YouthSTAR offers help and hope.


Success Story

LifeSTAR saved my life and my family. The program has helped me dedicate myself to true recovery.

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